Who are we

Coded is a duo of web developers with years of experience building websites of all sizes. We aim to build websites that not only demonstrate the best of our abilities but also make our clients brands stand out from the crowd.

With the internet being accessible by more and more of the country at high speeds, the opportunities of companies outside the main regions to compete on a level playing field is extremely high. Because the playing field has been leveled in terms of technologies, we can become very competitive as our overheads are greatly reduced compared to the larger companies in the main centers. Not only that, you get the developers you talk to working on your project (not the latest intern).

You can find out more about the team below.

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is a web developer who works with West Coast businesses to make their brand stand out online.

After working with clients both locally and abroad, Chris understands what sets a good website apart from the rest. He relies on his years of experience to craft beautiful, accessible and functional websites.

Chris has worked with many small businesses around the West Coast to increase their online presence. Both building websites from scratch and redesigning existing websites. This has helped his clients increase their traffic, leads and sales.

Chris didn't follow the typical route to becoming a web designer. He is self taught. Learning to write code while running his former business CT Music (Music Tuition). This gave him an understanding of the struggles of being a small business owner and just how difficult it can be to get cut through online.

Craig Walker

Craig Walker

Craig Walker joined the West Coast Community over 12 years ago and has proven himself (myself because let's face it ... I'm writing this!), to be a genuine coaster ... especially after the last summer we had.

Working with customers has been a cornerstone of Craig's career, preferring to be part of the conversation at each turn, to deliver what the customer needs while keeping the project grounded.

Solving puzzles is the reason Craig is at the office every morning. From the overarching puzzle of how to fit technology to the customers needs to the specific problems of fixing bugs, puzzles are fun and he is excited by each and every one of them.

Much like Chris, Craig didn't follow the standard route to web design and software engineering. Building websites in the early 2000's while working in the Fitness Industry, Craig learned as he built, only choosing to formalise his knowledge in the late 2010's. He formed Coded in the early 2010's and along with Chris, incorporated it in 2019.