Coded began in 2018. Our aim is to help business’s do better online. We achieve this by

  • Building world-class websites that fit their needs and the needs of their audience
  • Creating tools that make life easier by simplifying day to day tasks
  • Consulting for our clients to figure out their digital requirements

We’ve even been known to break out the screwdrivers and build the odd computer for client’s when the need arises.

We bend over backwards for our clients. Our aim is always to make sure they walk out the door happy.

Craig Walker

Craig has been a computer nerd since he saw his first screen. Always finding ways to twist a computer to do his bidding, he’s built those skills up to an extremely useful box of tricks. He (I, let’s face it I’m writing this about myself) can also write BS with the best of them (just see the sentences previously).

I started Coded in 2012 making websites and after meeting Chris in 2018, realized we had a talent for fixing other people’s sites and for making the impossible possible.

If you are looking for a solution to a problem that is not found in the standard libraries or plugins, contact Coded, and we’ll roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

Photo of Craig Walker
Photo of Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Chris used to be a guitar teacher. That’s how he got his feet wet building websites. He started building a blog about guitar teaching. He realized he didn’t really enjoy blogging about guitar teaching but, he did enjoy building websites.

After that, he started Wild Notion Creative with his partner Hayley. They built many websites for West Coasters. In order to take his skills to the next level, Chris teamed up with Craig, and the rest is history.