Why I built my first Instagram Post

Writing a post is hard. Does anyone care what I say? Probably not. Am I just adding to the constant stream of nonsense that constantly rolls past my eyes with the infinite scroll feature. Yip.

So why am I doing this? I hit a crossroad recently and had to make a choice. Do I continue to shun social media and the big tech companies, blocking their every move to learn more about me or embrace the slippery slope that will eventually lead to the death of privacy as we know it. I had been doing my best for years to block “Big Tech”s attempts to learn more about me but as my family grew, cracks appeared in the defences and before long, my wife was getting advertising for the garden centre I had just been browsing on. My choice was to double down and force the family into a very strict, tightly controlled (and quite frankly boring) window of the internet where traffic is encrypted and bounced around before we see it, or to open everything up and join the masses.

Join the masses it was. I will now be a voice in this noise. The benefits are many, as are the pitfalls but Social Media has embedded itself into our lives so pervasively that to ignore it any longer would be folly.

I gave my phone to my daughter and said:

“Sign me up!”

She asked: “To what?”

I said “Everything.”

So now I am part of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Polywork, Twitter and LinkedIn.

My phone goes flat quite quickly these days and I’ve had to find the notifications section to turn off the incessant beeping but I have new friends … and followers … and retweeters so my life must be objectively better …. right?

Stick around and we’ll find out if a constant stream of tweets and posts and grams and stories does anything to benefit us in the real world.