Hokitika Glass Studio

We worked with Kirsty from Hokitika Glass Studio to revamp their existing website, breathing new life into their online presence. As talented glassblowing artists specialising in handcrafted glassware, it was crucial to create a visually captivating website that would showcase their exquisite creations and provide a seamless online shopping experience.

To facilitate online sales, we implemented a user-friendly e-commerce platform Woocommerce that enabled customers to browse the collection, select their desired pieces, and complete secure transactions effortlessly. With a streamlined checkout process and Kirsty’s beautiful product images, we aimed to capture the essence of each glassware creation and provide an engaging shopping experience.

The result was a revitalized website that not only showcased Hokitika Glass Studio’s exceptional glassblowing artistry but also provided a seamless online shopping platform for customers near and far.

View website here: https://hokitikaglass.co.nz

Hokitika Glass Studio Website
Hokitika Glass Studio Website