Advice for getting your business online

Getting your business online can be full of pitfalls and blind alleys. Having a guiding light can make all the difference during setup and enable your online presence to be a force to be reckoned with. First some terminology There are a whole slew of words that get thrown around here and some places you […]

How to work from home

Working from home until 3 month ago was a dream for most, a luxury for some and good work life balance for a few. Now with Covid-19 crashing around the world it has been pushed from a few progressive companies offering an extra perk to a reality for large portions of the world. What should […]

This tool makes setting up WordPress locally 10x faster!

I’m  sure you’ll agree that it is important to build and work on sites in a staged enviroment before putting them live. Even though we don’t always follow this advice (quick fixes don’t always warrent the effort of syncing to a local enviroment), it is an important habbit. The only problem here is that it […]

How to get your JavaScript files working in the WordPress backend

I’m sure you have had that moment where you are at a complete loss as to why something isn’t working (not to mention the annoyance that you know that the answer is going to be stupidly simple). You have tried absolutely everything and ran through the process step by step but still, it’s not working. […]

Move your WordPress website to another host with less anxiety!

As web developers, we can often get stubborn about the right way of doing things (of course the right way is always our way). Site migration can be one of those. The manual way is often the prefered method as you have full control and you know that everything is backed up. Today it is […]

Change your php version in cPanel

If you have noticed issues on your WordPress website and are unable to pinpoint if its a plugin or theme causing the issue, I may have a solution for you. A while back, I was working on a clients website and uploading new images. However, the process of uploading the images was very slow and […]

Did you know that you can update your mac from the command line?

As an avid command line user, I’m always looking for new and faster ways of doing things. Some of these tasks I remember easily as the are repeated daily. However, some are not. I often find myself forgetting how to preform hand task such as the one I’m going to show you in this post. […]

Quickly batch resize your images without Photoshop

When building a website you want to keep your image sizes down. One way to do that is to make sure they are sized correctly. While resizing images is not a hard job to do, it can be very time consuming especially if you need to resize a lot of images. Batch resizing your images […]

Manage your command line tools like a pro with Homebrew

If you are familiar with the command line then, package management is likely not new to you. However, when I first started out using the terminal, I didn’t have a clue what it was. I had read that a lot of people were using something called homebrew. So, I installed it not really knowing how […]

How to make your website load faster and smoother.

When you spend your time crafting a stunning looking website, the last thing you want to worry about is how it loads. However, as you will come to realize, that beautiful hero image of a mountain range you are using is taking it’s time to load. So, what can you do in this situation? Well, […]