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What can we do for your business

We build websites

  • Do you need to sell products online?
  • Need a blog you can update yourself?
  • Do you need a way to keep your customers informed?
  • or just a blazing fast website?

... we have you covered!

At Coded we bring a wealth of experience building websites of all different sizes and requirements.

We help businesses get the best out of there technology

Efficiancy is important to the running of every bussiness and technology plays a huge part in that.

We work with busineses to make sure they have the best tech for the job. We can also help maintain your current tech setup in order to get the best out of it and prolong its life.

This includes cleaning computers inside and out and adding and replacing hardware to increase preformance.

We set automated backup systems to keep your businesses data safe

We understand just how important your data is to you.

Keeping backups is an important task that is all to often forgotten about.

We work with businesses to ensure this doesn't happen. We set up automated backup systmems that means your data is safe no matter what happens.

When the worst happens we help you get everything back up and running.

We develop software to speed up your workflow

Have you ever thought, there has to be a faster way to do this.

We help businesses find the faster way to do there work by building software that will speed up and simplify there work.

We build for all platforms.

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