Professional Website Maintenance

Keeping your website running smoothly involves a fair bit of work. We can help. Our expert knowledge and experience makes keeping your website in tip top shape and pain free experience. We cover hosting, updates, security, maintenance, backups and more.

What’s Included

Daily Website Backups

We back your website up every day. That means if something bad happens, we have a full backup of your site ready to be restored in a moments notice.

Website Security

We make sure your website is protected against attack, hacks and malware and keep an eye out for vulnerabilities.

Software Updates

We make sure that everything that runs your website is always up-to-date. We run backups before each update so that any problems can be quickly fixed. 

Optimized Hosting

We take pride in our website hosting. It’s fast and optimized for wordpress

Expert Support

We offer our expert knowledge on how to better your website.

Uptime Monitoring

We keep an eye on your website to make sure in case it goes down. In which case we will spring into action and get it going again.

Website Maintenance FAQ’s

Do I need to have my hosting with Coded?

Yes. If you are using an external host, we can’t guarantee our service due to restrictions put on by other hosts. Our hosting is integrated into the above plans.

Does my site need to be a WordPress website?

Yes. Our maintenance plans are specifically for WordPress websites.

What happens if I want to cancel my website maintenance plan?

You are free to cancel your maintenance plan. All we ask is that you give us a month’s notice. If you need help migrating your site to a new host, we can help with that. Please note, there is an $80 + GST for this service.

Can I upgrade my maintenance plan.

Absolutely. Just email us letting us know you’d like to upgrade and, we’ll take care of the rest?

If I don't use my 60 minutes of professional website support, does it rollover?

No. We are a  small team so, we can’t offer this. 

What can I use the professional website support for?

Any website related task or advice. Need images or text added to a page on your website? Easy! Need a new plugin installed? Piece of cake. Broke something? We’re on it! 
We can also answer questions and offer advice and opinions on any ideas you may have for your website.
Furthermore, we can also offer design services. Need a new banner, we can design you one. Want some social media imagery? We can do it.

If I use all my professional website support time, can I purchase more?

Absolutely. Our hourly rate is currently $80 per hour. Just email us and let us know what you need.