Majority Media

Collaborating closely with Sean, we embarked on a mission to enhance Majority Media’s online presence, making it easier for visitors to navigate the website while ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing design.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing website, identifying areas that needed improvement. We listened to Majority Media’s goals and aspirations, incorporating their unique brand identity into every aspect of the design. We worked closely with Sean, ensuring that the refreshed website aligned perfectly with his vision and values.

“Hayley & Chris of Coded have helped me level up my business with their design and development work. I was in serious need of a website redesign. I had a bad case of website shame. On podcast interviews and networking events I found myself not wanting to send people to the website and being apologetic about it. The look and feel of the website did not match the value of the services or conversations that I was having with people. It was costing me sales, referrals and embarrassment.

But now I have a website that I love and feel confident about. I send people to it without hesitation book consultations and review. It has already helped me close my largest deal of the year. During a Q4 where people have less money to spend.

Their great work will make it easier for me to move forward with my rate increase for my services. When people look at the website they won’t wonder where the money went. They can see I invested in the website and make them more comfortable investing in my services. That is thanks to Coded!

If you’re in need of a website I can’t speak highly enough of Hayley & Chris with Coded. They do great work and are so easy to work with. I never ran into any issues and it was a smooth a process as could be. That’s the kind of experience everyone should have. I love their work so much that I have asked to make them a valued partner that I refer my clients to in need of website creation and redesigns.”

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Majority Media Website