6 Shortcuts to speed up your web browsing

Without fail, one of the first things we hear from every client when we first meet them is “I’m not very good with computers”. It’s understandable. There is an awful lot to learn. You’ve got different operating systems that work in different ways. You have all kinds of different apps that all have their own unique settings. Trying to retain it all can be overwhelming to say the least.

We want to make it all a little easier by giving you some tips here and there. In this post we will be showing you a couple of keyboard shortcuts for the browser.

What's a browser?

Heard of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (RIP), Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave? These are all browsers. They simply let you look at websites. You might think you need to use your mouse to use your browser, and in most cases you would be right. However, there are a ton of useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use to speed things up.

Below you will learn 6 handy keyboard shortcuts to make you life that little bit easier. I will give you both the Windows and Mac shortcuts for each. I’ve also included a downloadble infographic to help you remember them all.

1. Open A New Tab

Windows : Ctrl + t

Mac: Command + t

Tabbed browsing is pretty common these days. We all like to have a couple of tabs open at a time with various websites. Just don’t open to many, or you will slow your computer to a crawl (especially if you use chrome).

2. Close A Tab

Windows: Ctrl + w

Mac: Command + w

When you’re done with a tab, it is a good habit to close it. Just make sure you are on the tab you want to close and close it with the shortcut above.

3. Switch Tabs

Windows: Ctrl + tab

Mac: Command + Option + right arrow (use left arrow to go the other way)

This one is a great way to seriously speed up your work flow. Using this you can easily navigate between your open tabs.

4. Open Last Closed Tab

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Mac: Command + Shift + Tab

Ever regretted accidentally closing a tab. Fear not, this shortcut will bring the last tab you closed straight back up.

5. Focus On The Address Bar

Windows: Ctrl + l

Mac: Command + l

Need to type a URL in. Use this shortcut to get you to the right place. No clicking required.

6. Refresh

Windows: Ctrl + r

Mac: Command + r

When a website isn’t showing the latest information, simply refresh it with this shortcut. You can also do a hard refresh with Ctrl + F5 for those more stubborn sites.

Try to integrate at least one of these into your daily routine. You will find it really speeds things up when it comes to browsing the web. Feel free to download and print off the PDF below in order to remind your self of each one.